Applications for one week exhibitions are now closed 

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All exhibiting artists receive:

- A one-week public exhibition at Pig Melon in Room 1, Room 2 (or both), or a 3-4 week public exhibition in KUDO Window

- An Opening Reception [Friday, 6-9pm] - food catered by Fritz Hansal and refreshments by Gage Roads Brewing Co.

- Promotional support: Professionally designed exhibition poster (digital version), e-invitation sent to Pig Melon subscribers, website and social media promotion, formatted and printed room sheets (artwork details, brief artist biography and statement relating to the exhibition).

- Technical assistance and basic equipment required for install purposes.

- Professional photographic documentation.

- Curatorial advice.

- Networking opportunities with artists, curators, writers, and the broader arts community.

- The opportunity to deliver an additional public program - artist talk, workshop, performance etc (optional).

- A recording of all artwork sales for the duration of the exhibition on the artist’s behalf (Pig Melon takes no commission from the sale of any artworks).

Please note: Pig Melon encourages exhibiting artists to invigilate their own exhibitions where possible. This is an opportunity to promote your artistic practice and personally engage with a broader audience.

Selection Criteria:

Pig Melon prioritises applications that are:

- Well planned and considered 
- Conceptually resolved
- Critically engaged 
- Responsible & culturally aware
- Experimental
- Site specific to the physical architecture of Pig Melon


Fees for a seven (7) day exhibition at Pig Melon are as follows:
$1,000 - Room 1, Room 2 & KUDO Window
$750 - Room 1 & Room 2 
$450 - Room 1
$350 - Room 2 

Fee for a 3-4 week exhibition in KUDO Window:
$250 - KUDO Window

If you have any questions or would like to further discuss your application Please contact:

Please note: If you are interested in having an event that would not suit a one week exhibition or the KUDO Window (i.e. ambient music event, performance, film screening, talks, panel discussions) you can enquire at any time. 

Pig Melon exhibition spaces:
Room 1

KUDO Window

Coup d’eoil (pronounced koo - doe): a glance that takes in a comprehensive view…

KUDO Window is an intimate public facing window space where projects can be realised, complete or unresolved; frustrations and failures can be aired out, ideas can be experimented with and continue to evolve. We aim to provide an alternative model for public art that attracts visual attention and critical discourse through creative expression.

Image credits from left to right:

Natsumi de Dianous - Shiny life Romance (2022), Room 1 installation view. Image credit: Guy Louden 

Agnes Botman, Ailsa Waddell, Kim Mintz, Pip Lewi, Shannon Fae, Sophie Stylianou - Dame Natura (2019), Room 1 installation view. Image credit: Sam Perejuan

Guy Louden - Neoneogothic (2022), Room 2 installation view. Image credit: Guy Louden

Tamara Marrington - ORB, FLOWER, EGG, TREE, CAT, PIGEON (2019), Room 2 installation view. Image credit: Sam Perejuan 

Ash Ramsey - Falling & Laughing (2022), KUDO Window installation. Image credit: Guy Louden

Kate Webb - BOKAY (2022), KUDO Window installation. Image credit: Guy Louden 

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