Coup d’eoil (pronounced koo - doe): a glance that takes in a comprehensive view…

KUDO Window is an intimate public facing window space where projects can be realised, complete or unresolved; frustrations and failures can be aired out, ideas can be experimented with and continue to evolve. We aim to provide an alternative model for public art that attracts visual attention and critical discourse through creative expression.

We encourage proposals from those working in a diversity of expressions including, but not limited to; individual artists, collectives, curators, performers and writers to exhibit in KUDO Window. We are particularly interested in receiving proposals that respond to, disrupt, and work well with the intimate and public nature of KUDO Window.

We try to support as many artists as we can and be as accommodating as possible, however we can't always say yes to everything. 

We prioritise projects that are:

  • Well planned and considered
  • Critically engaged
  • Responsible and socially aware
  • Experimental
  • Site specific to the physical architecture of KUDO Window

Fee: Successful applicants for KUDO Window are charged a fee of $250.00. This covers promo through our social media channels & website, printing of an artist statement & bio, running the bar on opening night & hire of the KUDO Window. 

Duration: Exhibitions in KUDO Window run for 3-4 weeks and coincide with the opening reception of the artist/s exhibiting in gallery rooms 1 & 2. However, we are open to accommodating more durational projects that push the boundaries of the space and the intended project.


  • Windows are partially covered by white removable panels
  • Each window is Lit by LED strip lighting
  • Approx dimensions:(Small window) Height: 1670mm x Depth: 820mm x Width: 480mm(Large window) Height: 1670mm x Depth: 820mm x Width: 1840mm

*Please consider: 

  • We prioritise projects that take into consideration the intimate size, context & responsive aspect to the public position of KUDO Window. 
  • The space receives a large amount of sunlight. Any materials used must be able to withstand the harsher exhibition environment.
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